Thursday, June 14, 2007


i shaved my face in the shower tonight for the very first time in my life and i am very pleased to the results.........oh wait(put the clothes in the washer in the dryer) anyway...i just used my axe body wash and it was incredibly easy.....i was talking to my friend xtornadox the other day and he was like "we need to go to a barber shop and get a nice shave....there was an article in this magazine "details" that gives the best way to shave your face" i in turn went to the website and read the in the future try shaving your face in the shower with some body wash next time and tell me that you don't get the closest shave....because you will

p.s.- i'm going to a wedding this weekend and super pumped about it

Dr. Gonzo

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

first post.......with many to proceed

does anyone else notice that all of my blog-type sites are black (and usually have red text)? i decided to start an actual blog site, since i don't blog anywhere else......i hope you will frequent my blogspot and i hope to keep it updated with the many random thoughts that go through the doctor's mind..............but right now i'm listening to aphex twin "selected ambient works" and thinking about running when the sun goes time when i was in arkadelphia going to college and listening to a lot of extremely mellowed out music (godspeed, mum, sigur ros, ect.) at this particular point in my life i decided to speak out loud all of the very fast random thoughts that went through my head........i carried around a tape recorder with a microphone and recorded these thoughts.........i'm sure people thought i was kinda strange because i also walked pretty quickly(cuz the ADHD medicine made me jittery) and i was on campus.........needless to say(after much rambling) i recorded these thoughts for one whole day and then typed it out........i think it ended up being about 3 pages of interesting things..........i think i'll post that in my next blog...............i actually intended this blog to just be about 3 sentences, so you can see now where each of my blogs might take you.............through the random mind of dr. gonzo